Shipping Sugar

The Journey

Main image: ‘Shipping Sugar’, from William Clark’s ‘Ten views in the island of Antigua, in which are represented the process of sugar making, and the employment of the Negroes’ (Thomas Clay, London, 1823).

Reap the Forgotten Harvest: The Trilogy

Straddling England, West Africa and the Caribbean, the Reap the Forgotten Harvest trilogy weaves a tale across almost four centuries of love, hope, war and peace. It tells of two families, one from the Yoruba village of Ake and the other a family of Catholic landed gentry from Yorkshire. Witnessed through the eyes of these two families, we see Puritan persecutions, the slave trade, colonisation, world wars and the struggle to rebuild broken lives. And then it was seen that though divided by a colour bar, love and affection still grew in a cold climate. No blacks, no dogs, no Irish — and the fight for equality was on. Set against the backdrop of a fact based fictional story, we can begin to understand why we are the way we are today.

Reap the Forgotten Harvest can be read for entertainment for it is entertainment. It also can be read for its timelessness. If we are to rid ourselves of the blight of racism and see where we are going, we need to see where we all have come from, and how we became who and what we are. This Book will help us.” – Maya Angelou

Why did Remi set out to write the Reap the Forgotten Harvest trilogy? This account details over two years research on the English slave trade across West Africa, the Caribbean and the UK.

Lori awọn eti okun Badagri (On the shores of Badagri)

I returned to my ship from the thought-provoking dinner, disturbed by my ignorance about a trade that had played such a pivotal role in British economic history. I had been raised and educated here. But what was evident that evening was that all those around the table also shared my…

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