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A Savage Culture

A Savage Culture

Racism – A Black British View

Remi Kapo came to Britain in 1953, aged seven. He has witnessed post-war race conflicts first hand, and in A Savage Culture he puts them into historical perspective. He argues that, because of a loss of empire, many white Britons are suffering withdrawal symptoms and clinging to an ‘empire mentality’.

The ‘problem’ of race relations is still being viewed in terms of much publicized individual aspects, such as education, housing and the law, but the issue of racism itself.

‘Timing racial politics requires inspiration, and moral courage to carry out an equitable solution. The principle forming the basis for belief in Human Rights is the most important ideal for mankind.’

Reviews for A Savage Culture

‘A moving account of a British black man’s view of racism’—Daily Mail

‘…there is that “black reality” that white Britons don’t know about which needs black writers to ensure it a hearing’—Guardian

‘An angry account of what it means to be black in Britain’—City Limits

‘An angry, passionate book that crashes along at high speed … an authentic statement about post-riot Britain. Read it.’—The Leveller

‘An appeal, on the grounds of justice, morality and self-interest, to the stagnating British people to bestir themselves before it is too late … I feel the pain, hear the challenge, and hope they will evoke a fitting response’—Methodist Recorder

‘Kapo reveals very incisively the psychological violations experienced by thousands of black people who settled in this country … [an] excellent study of racism from a black point of view. It is compelling reading.’—Caribbean Times

‘A hard-hitting, no-holds-barred book’—Westindian World

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